Next week Zebrahead concert at A38 – Interview with Ali Tabatabaee

At the end of August, it was announced that the Californian-born Zebrahead would be performing in Budapest. The band will arrive at the A38 on 19 February with a new member and new songs, as part of a tour that has been running since September. We managed to ask one of the band’s vocalists, Ali Tabatabae, a few questions about the tour.


Have you ever been on such a long tour before?

Oh most definitely. We use to go on tour for almost eight weeks at a time, then come
home for a few days, then go on tour again for another eight weeks. Our touring
cycles were a lot more grueling back in the day.

This is the first tour since the member change. Did you notice any change in
the audience?

I think people are really excited not to only see us with Adrian, but also people are
excited to be going to shows again, so the energy has been crazy since we started
touring again. We really feed off of that energy and so it has been great. I wouldn’t
say there have been any changes really because our fans always come to have a
good time, but it feels like that has exponentially multiplied lately.

What was it like to play in Hungary for the first time?

It was amazing. The country is beautiful and the people are so welcoming and
genuine. We had a great time sightseeing and then had the opportunity to play in
front of our Hungarian fans. We couldn’t wait to come back.

You are not going to spend so much time here in Hungary, because you are
going to play in Prague on the following day. If you could stay a little longer,
what would you like to visit?

Yeah, Unfortunately we are leaving right after the show this time but I’ve always
wanted to visit the Széchenyi Baths. I’ve seen pictures of it and it looks

What are you going to do after the tour?

Anytime we have off tour we like to get in the studio and work on new songs. We
are going to do that for about a month and a half, then we have more shows
coming up.

Do you have any other place where you haven’t play, but you want to?

Oh yeah. We would love to go to South America and play some shows there. We
have never been as a band and it’s definitely a bucket list item for all of us!

Tickets are available!

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