Black Veil Brides’ second Budapest concert promises to be another strong one – Interview with Andy Biersack

The Black Veil Brides band gives their second concert in two years in Hungary. The first show was said to be one of the best shows of their European tour last year, and this is the show they are most looking forward to returning to. During the long touring season, we spoke to the band’s frontman, Andy Biersack, about the first, and the second show, which is going to be on 20th of November, with the bands Halestorm and Mothica.


This is going to be the second time that you are playing in Hungary, last year was the first time and I think hungarian people are very lucky to have two Black Veil Brides concerts in two years. Why was 2020 the first opportunity to come here? However, that concert was cancelled.

It’s not really up to us in a lot of ways where we go. We always want to play everywhere, but we had never gotten an offer to come to Hungary yet and when we did, it was probably the best show of the European Tour that we did last year. It was so much fun. We are so incredibly excited to come back.

How was your first impression?

It was wonderful. The Hungarian people were incredible, and so kind to us. The show was so exciting and we had so much fun.

Last time you were playing at the Budapest Park, and now you are going to play in the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna with the two other bands.

We are going on a tour all across Europe with Halestorm and then the group of the artist Mothica is opening several of those shows. So it’ll be a lot of fun to be able to be out on the road with both of those artists. Halestorm is an incredible band, they’ve won a Grammy and they’re and they has had a lot of success in the United States and all over the world, so we’re looking forward to playing with them.

What was the place that you haven’t visited yet but you want to in the future?

We’ve been just about everywhere, I would say, but I’m most looking forward to coming back to Budapest.

And apart from coming back to Budapest, is there any festival, which you like the most?

I love Download Festival in the UK. It’s amazing, so much fun. You have to go sometime. I haven’t been there as a tourist, I have only ever been there playing, but luckily I had the chance to watch a lot of my favorite bands played there over the years too.

As far as we know about your autumn tour dates, you are playing mostly on the weekends. On the tours, can you spend some time in the countries you visit?

We hope so. We don’t often get an opportunity to do that, so we’re hoping we get to spend some time and visit some sightseeings. In Hungary I am not totally sure how much days we can spend, but hopefully a day or two, so we can visit some places.

What helps you to get through the long tours?

There are no skills, which would be special. I try to be healthy also on the tours. I try to eat good and exercise when I have time for that, because I don’t get much time other than just playing shows and trying to sleep. So, it is pretty hard to find a balance.

What is the thing that you miss the most from being home?

My wife and our cat. I miss being with them.

Is it a usual thing that your wife goes on the tour with you or does she visit you on some places?

Sometimes she visits our shows at some places, but she is also an artist, and also going on tours herself, so she’s on different tours. It is very hard, but we make it work. We’ve been together for twelve years and always figure it out.

You are dealing with serious themes in your music. Are you a kind of band which you would need in your youth?

Yes, I’d like to believe that we are the people that we needed and that people need now. Black Veil Brides would have been my favorite band.

Who were the artists, who inspired you when you were younger?

When I was a kid, I used to listen a lot of bands. My favorite artist is Bruce Springsteen and I really like Social Distortion, and a lot of people obviously know that I was a big fan of Kiss and Mötley Crüe.

Can you remember which was the point in the past which lead you on the road of being a famous musician and end up here?

I saw Billy Idol play when I was about twelve years old and that was my first big concert and I remember just wishing that I could be up on stage too.

Is Billy Idol also one of your heroes?


Your last album The Phantom Tomorrow, was written at the time of the world pandemic. Was it planned to make the album in that time or it was caused by the covid?

We did not plan to record it, when we did. We had started working on it before the pandemic started, and then obviously our schedule had to change. So, it was a kind of good in the sense that, it’s a terrible situation, but we had something that we could work on every day and put our efforts into.

How did you spend the pandemic as a band?

We were pretty lucky, because a couple of us got sick here and there, but no major issues and everybody made it out OK, and could end up giving out a great album at the end of this time.

What is going to happen after the tour? Are you going to, make another tour or are you working on something new?

We’ll be working on a new record. It is going to be a new album, but it is too early to talk about the details of when we are going to give it out. We only have this a few things written so far, so we’ll see.

And when is going to be the end of your tour?

We end this tour at Wembley Arena in the UK right before Christmas.

I know that you are on the roads for so long time. When did you started?

Yeah, we are such on a long tour. We started it in September of 2021. We really haven’t stopped since then, so we’re going to take a little break after this European Tour.

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